Hospital wants to remove sick toddler’s life support as parents fight for treatment


The Death Panel court of the UK’s socialized medical system is at it again.  Just as with Charlie Gard, little Alfie Evans and his parents are in the fight of there lives.  Not only with an unknown disease that keeps Alfie in a coma, with  seizuers, but with a hospital supported by a socialized medical and court system much more comfortable with terminating life than turning that life over to those who LOVE IT and to another hospital willing to help Alfie rather than KILL him.

Doctors at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital are in disagreement with Alfie’s parents on whether “continued active treatment” is best for a child who is “unable to recover from their illness.”  As a result, the hospital has refused to turn over custody of the child to the parents so that they may seek treatment at the Vatican Hospital (same hospital that offered treatment to Charlie Gard) which has testing and therapies not currently available in the UK hospital.  Alder Hey’s solution – PULL THE PLUG & BE DONE WITH IT!  The case was turned over to the Family Division of the High Court and a judge, NOT THE PARENTS OR A MEDICAL TEAM will make the determination as to whether or not Alfie LIVES OR DIES.

WOE unto the American progressive, following the socialist wing of the Democrat party currently being lead by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  How many more of these examples do we have to see before you either awaken to, or come clean with the knowledge of what actualities arise out of a socialized system of medicine, or socialism in general.

To the American conservative, WARNING!  WARNING!  We as a country need to get serious about this threat.  It is not going away.  The progressive “culture of death” has marched solidly and Swiftly across much of Europe and South America and there are forces in this country determined to bring the diseased philosophy here.  Please continue to pray for REVIVAL in our nation, stay politically active especially on these issues of life, and support organizations like Live Action, and March for Life.

Please visit Alfie’s Army, a Facebook Group setup to crowd-source funds for the family and to share pics, personal stories, and updated information on the case.  You can also see the original article and follow the story on Life Site News.

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